Lise Watier - Quatour Millesime

This Fall, Lise Watier introduced a gorgeous "Quatour" - aka "Quad" .  The compact has 4 shade, dark silver, highlight oyster, navy blue and a deep plum. Gorgeous!!! Create different combinations with this pallet, dress it down or even play it up. Also, paraben free!

TRY:Apply the more subtle colour as a base on the entire eyelid or to highlight the brow line. This lighter shade is great to blend in the medium shades and to multiply the shimmer effects or to control the intensity level. For the finishing touch, the darker hue is used as the accent shade. Tip: For a hint of drama, apply to the outer corner of the lid or as a fine line around the eye.

When I see a pallet with purple in, I think of SMOKEY, here is my rendition, I used the silver and the deep plum on my lids, the lightest shade to highlight my brow bone and smoked out the bottom with the navy. 

Overall Review : 7.5/10
Price: $36 CDN   
Pros: First off, the packaging is stunning. 4 shadows? Cant complain with that, the colours are complimenting to each other and the pallet is quite generous which means this pallet will last! It's Paraben free which is a huge deal nowadays.
Cons:  This can be both a pro or con, depending on the level of "experience" you have with makeup.  Pigment is not as strong to what I'm used to, it can get intense once you start layering the colours. This is also perfect for someone who's learning makeup as you can build on it.  Which also makes this fool proof. 

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