Jul 13, 2009

About Me

Meet the Team

May Nguyen -  Founder

I like to consider myself a fun outgoing self inspired makeup artist from Toronto, Canada. Paired with my huge passion for makeup and beauty also lies a desire to educate, to inspire and to share my knowledge in whatever way possible.
As we all know, inspiration comes in many forms, our surrounding environment, trends and celebrity are all great places to draw from and as such is what I rely on to stay innovative and a top the ever changing industry. Inspiration is truly limitless and is the life line that keeps beauty front and center in our lives.

I invite you to join me as I give you an inside look into my talents and expertise in sharing my favorite makeup looks, tips and tricks with you through this Blog or my video channel.

Website: www.changingfacesbymay.com
Instagram : www.instagram.com/mayonguyen
YouTube: www.youtube.com/beautywithmay
FaceBook : www.facebook.com/iammaynguyen
Twitter: www.twitter.com/maynguyen
Pinterest : www.pinterest.com/mayonguyen

Khristine Aragon aka Kylie 

Hi I'm Kylie, I'm  25 years old and from Toronto.  I'm still trying to find my place in this big world and but one thing I am certain about is my love and passion for Beauty and Fashion. 

.Having a background in retail and among other hidden talents that I will share with you soon, I understand how important it is to express how you feel on the inside to reflect the way you look on the outside. Being on top of this ever changing industry it's almost impossible to find what works and what doesn't! 

I have dedicated a lot of my time constantly seeking the latest trends in Beauty and Fashion so I know exactly what the readers are looking for!  I will share my insights and thoughts through this blog where you can find reliable information to help make your Beauty decisions easier. Life is simple, let's not make it complicated.

Instagram www.instagram.com/kkaragon

Please follow us on our journey where we will express our  love and passion through this blog and other Social Media Networks.

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